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22.10.2005, 25th anniversary. Party Sahne, live

whole concert video, unreleased


2005 Fiesta Fiasko

Rock'n'Roll animal/dinosaur Alex Parche (guitarist and manager for the Zeltinger Band) took the K.G.B. boys under his wing.

"This band is a case of emergency.", he told us. "You're really a dying breed! You HAVE to be my next project."

In the mid-Eighties, K.G.B began producing and directing "no-budget" videos with filmmaker Berti Schwarz. These collaborations continued well into the mid-Nineties.

Almost all of these early videoclips are available on this DVD, along with unreleased live performances, rare snapshots of the band, and recent interviews with band members, ex-band members and friends K.G.B made in the studio and on the road, including MDC, Toxic Reasons and Rausch.

Last but not least, this DVD also
features a brand new video with the 2005-line-up.

Total Playing Time: 1:10:46

12 pages-booklet: € 15,-

LP € 11,-



1999 (Ein Wochenende in) Verona
a spoof on the German model/actress who was beaten by her husband/manager Dieter Bohlen, a talentless piece of shit who made a fortune in the 80's with a retarded synthesizer Pop band called Modern Talking. 4 songs with lyric-sheet.
CD: € 5,-

Listen to:
"Verona" (3805kb)



1999 Die Drei Röhren: Wir leben immer noch

K.G.B. playing 14 german new wave songs with Hannes, Pedder (Daily Terror) und Tek (Herbärds) sharing the vocals.
CD: € 10,-

right away-comment on the media-hype of the last century. Released on NOV 11 1997. Plus 2 R'n'R covers from the German 50's (Oliver Twist and the Happy Twistler's "Steiler Zahn") and Hamburgs 60's (The Rainbows famous "Balla Balla"). 2 bonus-tracks from KRAUT GRINGO BLITZKRIEG (not on vinyl). With lyric-sheet.
CD: € 5,- / Vinyl € 4,- .
Listen to:
"Die, Lady Di" (3574kb)
Listen to:
"Sperminator" (2675kb)

14 new songs recorded in Indianapolis with friends Tufty (bass), J.J. (drums) and Bruce (guitar) from Toxic Reasons, Mark Cutzinger (drums) and Vezz (guitar) from Zero Boys and Big Danny (guitar, ex-Sloppy Seconds).
CD: € 10,- /LP: € 11,-.

Compilation with 19 tracks. More than one hour. Including new songs, new versions of old songs, english versions from albums that never came out, a B-Side and a funky outtake. 16-pages-booklet from comic-drawer P.Puck at his best.
CD: € 10,-.

Listen to:
"Berufstourist" (5430kb)

Reissue planned for 2005.

Listen to:
"Traummann" (3600kb)


2nd longplayer, the "Red Album". 16 tracks. Bonus-Tracks on new mastered/-mixed CD: The PARTY SAHNE-EP (4 songs, '85) and BALLROOM BLITZ-7" ('87).Usual 16 pages-booklet from Peter Puck, one drawing per song).
CD: € 10,-.

Listen to:
"Eckstein" (650kb)

"Freie Welt" (1845kb)



T-SHIRT: € 12,-
Black or Navy-Blue Shirt with Peter Puck: "Rat"

ALL T-Shirts size "M" or "XL"

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